Harness was founded on the belief that confidence is what enables strong online businesses to grow.

  • Confidence in your systems.

  • Confidence in your team.

  • Confidence in your decisions.


Our vision is to save entrepreneurial effort, time, money and heartache trying to grow their business. We want to harness that evergy and use it constructively.

You’ll only get so far in business before the lack of proper systems and processes will start holding you back. Unless addressed, these deficiencies will prevent you from reaching your true potential.

We empower business owners to operationalize their company and unlock the next level of success.


We believe systems can harness your unique creative talents to help you achieve your business vision.

Building your business should be an enjoyable and rewarding adventure rather than a complicated and frustrating maze.

It’s your responsibility to create a secure and stable business that supports you and your team and provides you with the option to scale, sell, replicate or franchise.

It’s our responsibility to help you do that.


We provide Systems as a Service - design, development, implementation and ongoing support for you and your team across all your business processes:

  • Customer Management
  • Records Management
  • Project and Task Management

Our packages range from providing full systems design, support and campaign implementation through to training and advising you and your team on how to best utilise your Harness business systems.


Lane Galligan

Lane Galligan is the Founder of Harness. Lane’s super-power is problem solving: she finds simple, elegant solutions amid seeming chaos.

As well as 25 years experience in Sales and Marketing (online since 2009) she is Certified in Systems Design (Cornell University), a Certified Online Business Manager (IAOBM) and holds a Diploma of Digital Marketing (The Institute of Direct and Digital Marketing).

When she’s not online (she’s always online) she loves pursuing new adventures with her family.


Grove Galligan

Grove Galligan is the other Founder of Harness. Grove is an online business manager who prides himself on continuous improvement and loves a good challenge.

Grove leads our implementation team, managing projects, processes and people to deliver our customers results.

‘Mr Calm’, you’ll often find Grove grappling on the Brazilian Jiu Jitsu mats, scaling rock walls, or shredding on his mountain bike when he’s not online.

© 2022 Harness Online Business Management

© 2022 Harness Online Business Management

© 2022 Harness Online Business Management